. Digital Marketing

Kreative Koncepts that drive ResultsTM

. Smarter Search and Social

Kaufmann's kreative koncepts, project management and konsulting can help achieve your digital marketing goals.

Kapabilities include:

Digital brand Building  -  Social media marketing (SMM)  -  Product management  -  Email Project management  -   Search engine marketing (SEM)  -  Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads  -  Content management  -   Program management  -   Loyalty programs  -   Interactive strategies  -  Omni channel strategies  -  Blogs -  PR  -  Landing pages  -  Surveys  -  A-B testing  -  Promotional campaigns  -  Customer acquisition  -  Lead generation  -  Search engine optimization (SEO)  -  Affiliate / Referral programs  -   Mobile marketing  -  Ad Retargeting and more...

 Kustom digital marketing / advertising program created for the
Better Business Bureau of Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington


Smart SEMtm (Search Engine Marketing)

Smart SEMtm is all about Targeting.
Our SEM services include:

AdWord campaigns  -   Google product listing ads (PLAs)  -   Analytics & Reporting  Trend Monitoring - Ad landing pages - Creative copy writing & design - A-B Testing  -  Special Events

And more...

This Landing Page was part of a comprehensive digital marketing program Kaufmann created for the Better Business Bureau of Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington

.  Smart SMMtm (Social Media Marketing)

Kaufmann can help you create consistent, predictable and highly rewarding results across all popular social media platforms.  Plus, recent studies show that customers generated via social media tend to be more loyal than fans generated by non-social advertising and promotions. 

Our Smart SMM services include:

New Product Launches                             Daily Post Management
Press Releases                                        Trend Monitoring
ROI Analytics                                            Story Creation
Landing Pages
                                         Contests / Special Events

         And more...

Examples of programs by Kaufmann for the Ferrari Smartphone and Goodwill Industries:


We'll do more than just manage your digital marketing...

Build it.   Maintain it. 
Improve it.   Market it.

and GROW it.

. Kreative Kollaboration

We will kollaborate with your your staff, developer or agency to add value and exceed your expectations -

Efficiently, affordably, effectively and on-time.


Our services are available o
n a retainer, on-call or project basis.

Kontact us to discuss your social media dreams, ideas, goals and ROI requirements.

Kreative KonceptsTM
  that drive Results!

                      Target      Reward      Inspire      Konnect      Excite!